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The academy sees itself primarily as an educational and cultural institution that wants to promote the development of people of all ages, the discussion of important life issues and dealing with them within the community. The question is "How do we actually want to live as individuals or as a community?" in the centre. Philosophizing provides a unique setting where life issues can be considered and explored in community.

The academy works closely with a wide variety of educational establishments and institutions. It sees itself as a network of committed people and institutions that want to provide a contemporary and practical educational principle. Our extensive cooperation shows that philosophizing as a cultural technique is practical and promotes togetherness.

The academy offers workshops, seminars and a special course in philosophical discussion. Due to our many years of experience (since 2006), we successfully implement philosophical discussions in kindergartens, schools, youth facilities, in open discussion groups, but also in company training courses as well as educational and networking events.

Academy "philosophising with children, youngsters & adults"
Philo KG, FN 483581 z, Alfred-Wegener-Gasse 21, A-1190 Vienna, Austria
Tel: ++43/1/328 20 45
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Sahra Ücelehan (Ärztin), Workshops, Bildungsmesse, Gesprächsgruppen


Ruth Neubauer-Petzoldt (Privatdozentin), Vorträge, Ausbildungen


Lisa Hoyda (Projektmanagement, Fitnesstrainerin), Planung, Vernetzung, Philo-Camps



Torsten Büsing (Regisseur), Gesprächsgruppen, Philo-Camps


Lena Korherr (Kunsthistorikerin, Tanzlehrerin), Gesprächsgruppen, Philo-Camps


Deborah Däubl (Kunst- und Elementarpädagogin, Collaborative Arts), Philo-Camps


Alexandra Kopf (Lehrerin, Tänzerin)


Anja Monden (Clownin, Liedermacherin)


Uly Paya (Initiator and management of the academy, teacher, painter), lectures, training, discussion groups, networking

"In philosophising, I see an opportunity for personal development and a broad framework to deal with life issues that hardly find space anymore, away from the consumer and achievement-oriented society. I designed the academy back in 2009 and realized it in 2010. Developing it together with committed people and institutions since 2006) as well as from my many years of educational work as a teacher (since 2001)


Non-profit association

The non-profit association "Philosophy with children and young people" is attached to the academy (ZVR 941043846, municipality of Vienna) and supports primarily non-profit projects such as the Philo-Art-Camp, an annual suitcase market or the planned "Philo Art Walk" in the 19th district of Vienna . The focus is always on bringing people together, mutual exchange through the cultural technique of philosophising and the support of artists of all disciplines.
The academy's team of committed employees strives to implement and further develop a wide variety of projects. We can now look back on an extensive list of cooperation partners.





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Symbol: "Erkenntnisträger"

Das Logo der Akademie zeigt einen Menschen, der eine symbolhaft eine Erkenntnis in Form einer Kugel trägt, einer so genannten "Erkenntniskugel". Jeder Mensch hat die Möglichkeit, Erkenntnisse zu erkennen, sie einzufangen und sich einzuverleiben. Somit ist jeder Mensch auch ein "Erkenntnisträger", wenn er es denn will und daran arbeiten möchte.
Design & Urheberrecht: Uly Paya


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